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Extended Day Care Program


Monday to Friday 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m.



Day care fees are either $5.00 per hour or you may charged a flat rate of $200.00 per month for one student for unlimited use.  For two students, the unlimited rate is $235.00 and for 3 or more students the rate is $300.  Daycare closes promptly at 6:00 p.m. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed for any parent arriving after 6:05 p.m.




Our Extended Day program is a before and after school care program for K-8 school age children. We are building an enrichment based program to provide students many new opportunities to explore and expand interests and skills.



To be eligible for enrollment in the St. Margaret Mary School Extended Day Care Program a child must be of school age and enrolled in the school.



Our program revolves around a structured yet flexible schedule. In the mornings, students go to the 8th grade room from 6:30a.m. – 7:30 a.m. In the afternoons, students have snack, outdoor play, homework time and choice activities. We use snack time as an opportunity to teach students to use good manners, practice please/thank you, and to clean up after themselves. Games and puzzles teach cooperation and encourage the building of friendships.  Art projects stimulate their creativity and often revolve around the holidays.


The Saint Margaret Mary Extended Day Program typically operates on regularly scheduled school days, according to the SMMS and Los Angeles Archdiocese annual School Calendar. The Extended Day Program opens on the first day of school and remains open until the last day of school.  Our program will be open during early release days and some holidays.  The early release schedule will be 12:00pm to 6:00pm. We make every effort to provide care on all school days, minimum days, staff development days, and conference days. We are also open for many days during Winter recess, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Please call the school office to verify and confirm offered daycare days. If school closes because of power outages, flooding or any mechanical malfunctions within the school building, the Extended Day Care Program will be closed as well. Please be sure the Extended Day Care staff is present before leaving your child at school and sign your child in. If the school closes early, students must follow their Emergency Plan that is on file in the school office. During an emergency early release, day care will not be provided. The school will follow its emergency plan.  Extended Day cannot BE your emergency plan, students must leave the school building and day care will not be provided for the safety of the staff as well as the children.


Abuse Issues


Staff members are required by State Law and Los Angeles Archdiocesan Policy to report any suspected incidents or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or neglect to police and/or Child Protective Service (DSHS or CPS). If you have questions about what actions might need to be reported, please check with the school principal, Mrs. Zimmerman.


Custody Concerns


In the absence of appropriate legal documentation, we must consider that all children are in joint custody with legal parents and guardians. If a restraining order or other documentation exists barring a parent, guardian, or other individual from contact with a student, a copy of that order or documentation must be filed with the child’s school and with the Extended Day Coordinator.  Special notations are made on the emergency cards so that restrictions are noted by all appropriate school staff. We request that a custodial parent or guardian sign all permission slips and school forms. Custodial parents and guardians should make sure to specify to the school who is allowed to have contact with, or leave the school premises with a student. In the event that a child is to leave school before the end of the school day, it is requested that the custodial parent or guardian call the school in advance to specify who will be accompanying the child. All children who are leaving the school grounds during the school day must be signed out in the main office.


Emergency Contact Numbers


All parents are REQUIRED to have on file with the Extended Day Program, accessible phone numbers (work, home and cell) and have the names of at least two emergency contacts to call in case you cannot be reached. Failure to comply can result in children being excluded from the program. Please update your phone numbers any time changes occur. *A cell phone number that can reach you immediately should also be listed as your priority phone number.



Homework time is available and a part of our daily schedule in the Extended Day Program through ‘HOMEWORK CLUB.’  At St. Margaret Mary School, we acknowledge that homework is for enrichment and practice with the purpose of increasing the potential for long term retention of content. It is very important to the learning process and development of good study skills. Although homework is typically assigned at least 4 days per week, many times the children in daycare say they don’t have any homework. All we can do is encourage them to work on their homework in a quiet setting. However ultimately, it is the child’s responsibility to get it done and use their time wisely. We can use your help in encouraging them to do so.


Student Rights & Discrimination Statement


Students shall have the right to equal opportunity without discrimination in all aspects of the education and activities program and without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, religion, economic status or gender.


Health & Safety


The Extended Day Program follows the Los Angeles Archdiocese guidelines for health related issues. Parents will be notified immediately to pick up any child who is vomiting, coughing profusely, has a suspicious rash, or has a temperature of 100 degrees or more. St. Margaret Mary school office opens at 7:30am and closes at 3:30pm daily so children who become ill will typically be taken care of by Extended Day staff, not the office staff. The school Health Room (located in the front office) is an important aspect of our school.  If your child becomes ill while at school or in the Extended Day Program or receives an injury that requires further medical attention, you will be notified immediately. If your child appears to be ill in the morning before school, please DO NOT send him/her to school. The following guidelines are used to assess a child’s health to know when to send them home or when you should keep them home:

  • Temperature of 100 degrees (F) or more
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • What appears to be pink eye, with or without drainage, until treated
  • Lice, lice eggs, or scabies until treated
  • Chronic cough
  • Injury that needs medical attention
  • Body rash, especially with a fever

Medical Emergencies


In the event of a medical emergency that requires professional aid, school personnel will call 911 and notify parents. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL EMERGENCY INFORMATION (Emergency Cards) BE KEPT UPDATED DURING THE YEAR.  If it is determined by the aid personnel that a hospital assessment is necessary, a staff person may ride in the ambulance with the student and remain at the hospital until a parent arrives.



Students who must take medication, either prescription or over-the-counter, MUST have written instructions provided and a signature from the physician and parent/guardian on the Medication Authorization Form. A copy of the Medication Authorization Form may be obtained in the school office. All medication will be left in the school Health Room. Only medication that needs to be taken during school hours should be brought to school (medication needed three times per day should be taken before and after school and before bed time). Please consider the health of your child and the health of other students when deciding whether to send your child to school with medication.



We welcome you to our Extended Day Program and trust that it will be a great program and service for you and your child. Since safety is a main concern we ask that the parents accept the following guidelines and responsibilities:

  • On school days, students will be automatically signed into daycare by their teacher if a parent or guardian has not picked them up by 2:45.  Regular school hours ends at 2:30 therefore fees will begin at 2:30.  When picking up your child at daycare, you must physically sign your name on the dismissal sheet.  The daycare attendant may not do that for you.  On holidays where daycare is open yet the school is not, you are required to sign your child in and out as they enter and leave the before and after school program. Children will not be released to any person who is not on their release card or without a signed note from a parent/guardian. We may request to see the ID of the person picking up your child.
  • Please pick up your child by the program closure time (6:00pm). Lateness will result in an additional charge of $25.00 for every 15 minutes late. Chronic lateness may result in termination of services (as determined by the principal). The Extended Day staff will notify the Principal of habitual lateness. Corrective action will be taken.




All children enrolled in the Extended Day Program will strictly adhere to all regular school and program rules (as listed in the school Student Handbook and/or this Program Handbook). Please refer to our Extended Day Discipline Policy for expectations and consequence of misbehavior.




Everything that we do in our Extended Day Program will be to protect the safety of self and others and will promote respect for people, boundaries, and personal and school property.

Expected Behaviors:

  • Use respectful, appropriate, and kind language.
  • Don’t cause a problem for yourself or anyone else.
  • If you do cause a problem for yourself or anyone else, each situation will be dealt with in a fair and equitable manner for each person involved.
  • Show respect for all personal, school and program property.
  • Work and play in a cooperative manner.
  • Observe school and program safety rules.



  • Children are responsible and accountable for their own behavior
  • Children need to know healthy boundaries, expectations, and limits
  • Staff will model appropriate, respectful, and professional behaviors



  • Achievement
  • Respect
  • Fun


Procedure for progressive discipline with students

When a child misbehaves, the Extended Day staff will:

  • Meet with the student to identify the problem and work on a solution to change the behavior and/or identify the reason behind the behavior.
  • Give a written student Warning” (if appropriate). A copy of this will be given to the principal. 
  • Call or notify the parent and identify the problem and plan for a solution and success for the child.

The Extended Day Program will focus on giving your child responsibility, respectability, and reliability. We believe in creating a day care climate where an unconditional high regard for one another is seen, felt, and heard. The staff will model and expect this behavior from each other, the children in the program, and the parents and community member s involved with the program, so that the program will produce a proactive effect. Please contact the Extended Day staff, the Program Coordinator, or the Program Director (School Principal) immediately regarding a discipline issue or concern. We want your child to feel safe, secure, happy, and enjoy coming to Extended Day Care every day.

IMPORTANT: We expect children to manage their own behavior, language, and self at all times. Any student who endangers him/herself and/or others or is disrespectful to staff may be dropped from the program at any time.


  • 2:45-3:00   Check–in
  • 3:00-3:30   Free play and Homework Club
  • 3:30-4:30   Snack time and activity
  • 4:30-5:00   Outside Games and Play
  • 5:00-6:00   Indoor Games/Free play