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Inclusion Education Focus Program

Five years ago, the Inclusion Program began to service a small group of academically struggling students. Today, however, it reaches out to assist a variety of learners.  Under the Inclusion Education Focus Program ‘umbrella,’ there are three sub-groups:

 FOCUS PROGRAM-Activities and materials used in most schools are designed to meet the needs of most students without recognizing exceptionalities.  When an educational program does not meet the specific needs of a student, modifications and accommodations to the student’s academic program should be made.  The purpose of the adaption is to assist children in their specific intellectual, physical or behavioral challenges.   Accommodations can make the difference between a student merely being present in the class, and a student being actively involved.  Developing accommodations for a student with specific academic needs is a continuous process that involves a collaborative team.  Among a variety of other administrative duties, she will assist me in assessing, identifying and establishing needs of a struggling student.  She will also help me create accommodations that address those needs.  Once implemented, their effectiveness will be assessed and revised if needed.  To meet the specific needs of a student, changes to their academic program may be established, for example:

  • Instructional groupings or arrangements
  • Lesson format
  • Teaching strategies
  • Modification of instructional materials
  • Curricular goals

*The FOCUS Program is offered to all IEP students, Direct Report students and At- Risk students struggling to meet grade level standards.  


ACADEMIC ALERT PROGRAM- The program is designed to immediately notify students and most importantly, PARENTS of a developing academic problem. Student grades will be monitored weekly. When our team notices a negative trend in student performance, the parent will be immediately notified by phone or e-mail.  In addition, a meeting will be set up with the teacher, FOCUS coordinator, and student to resolve current issues that are contributing to the student’s academic decline.

ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT PLAN PROGRAM – Many students experience some form of difficulty during their three years in the Junior High. For some students, they may simply struggle through a class.  For others, academic difficulty may be more severe and/or long lasting.  Irrespective of the particular challenge, the faculty and staff at St. Margaret Mary School, is committed to improving the particular student’s academic status.  This begins by evaluating the student’s individual circumstances that have lead to academic difficulty, and return the student to good standing. If a student falls below a 2.0 grade point average, they will be placed on ‘Academic Probation’ and immediately placed on THE ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT PLAN.  While on this program, the struggling student will be eligible and required to participate in the following: 

  • Direct report assignment book
  • Re-take exams below a 70% to receive a maximum of 75%.
  • Allowed to make-up missing assignments for a maximum grade of 7/10
  • Daily teacher assisted study hall.

**Under this program, a struggling student will be allowed two weeks to improve their grade within program guidelines.  However, if a student remains on this program twice, a formal meeting will be arranged with the principal, parents and Focus administrator.

At St. Margaret Mary School, our mission is to help students realize their potential by providing a quality Catholic education.  We take very seriously, the awesome privilege and responsibility of guiding your child through their formative years.

God Bless your family and our staff and may the Holy Spirit guide us, as we proceed in the accomplishment of our goals.