St. Margaret Mary Catholic School
Inspiring Minds, Building Character and Living Faith

Saint Margaret Mary School Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff is comprised of  teachers and instructional aides who are dedicated to providing students with quality Catholic education in accordance with the Office of Catholic Education and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  

St. Margaret Mary School
25515 Eshelman Avenue
Lomita , CA , 90717
Phone: 310-326-9494

Mrs. Elisa Fernandez-Zimmerman

Mrs. Sheree Becker                                                            

Vice Principal, 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Julia Quinn

6th grade Homeroom teacher, Junior High Math and Literature teacher, Vice Principal 
Mrs. Nancy Bender
 Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Hammerle and Mrs. Wilbanks
Office Assistants

Ms. Katelyn Parker
5th grade Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Addy Cedillo 

 Instructional Aide 

Mr. Eron Calip

 Physical Education Teacher, Athletic Director

Mrs. Zimmerman

6th, 7th and 8th grade English and Social Studies Teacher
8th grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Liz Desmond

 Junior High Instructional Aide

Mrs. Gianna Prescott

Kindergarten teacher

Ms. Bri Bosnak                                              

7th grade Homeroom Teacher 
 Junior High Science and Math Teacher

Mrs. Annalee Flores - Instrutional Aide

 Mrs. Christine Androus

 Instructional Aide and Director of Technology
Mrs. Ayer 
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Denney 
Transitional Kindergarten aide 

Ms. Jordan Howe

3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Linda Leyva

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Diana Rosato

1st Grade Teacher

  Mrs. Sue Garbe                                     

  Office - Administrative Assistant

Ms. Judith Ramos

Daycare/ Instructional Aide

Mrs. Chor

3rd / 5th grade Instructional Aide

Mr. Eddie Ramos


Ms.  Kayci Richards 

Instructional Aide. Daycare