St. Margaret Mary Catholic School
Inspiring Minds, Building Character and Living Faith

An Advantage for Life

Mission Statement

Saint Margaret Mary School provides a complete Catholic educational experience in a faith-filled, safe, and happy environment.  While instilling a love for God, for self, and for others; the administration, faculty, and staff strive to promote peacemaking, self-discipline, and learning through a variety of experiences.  The ideal outcome of this vocation will lead to well–rounded individuals who will become future leaders in our church and in the world.

Core Values and Beliefs of Saint Margaret Mary School:  We believe... We must provide an excellent religious and academic education in a Catholic environment.

We must help each child grow in faith, knowledge, and sense of service to the community within and outside the school. Self-esteem, self-discipline, a spirit of cooperation, and a desire to learn are values which we must encourage and incorporate into our curriculum and foster in our multi-cultural school community.  In this humbling mission, teachers are partners with our parents: the primary educators of the children entrusted to them. Evangelization is part of our mission to both Catholic and non-Catholic members of the St. Margaret Mary community.  St. Margaret Mary School is a family oriented school guided by caring, qualified teachers.

Our purpose is to encourage students to become independent life-long learners. At St Margaret Mary School we:

• Provide diverse and engaging learning experiences to meet the needs and learning styles of each student

• Provide contemporary tools and resources that encourage students to be confident, independent and self-motivated learners
• Offer students regular opportunities to make choices and encourage them to reflect on their own interests and preferences
• Support students to direct their own learning through inquiry
• Support students to set goals and reflect on their learning
• Students are encouraged to develop the skills to contribute and connect with their wider community

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for our students to be inspired by gospel values. At St Margaret Mary School we:

• Implement school rules underpinned by Gospel values

• Model and instill Gospel values in our everyday dealings with each other
• Actively involve all members of our community in prayer and liturgy
• Provide opportunities for our students and families to explore and develop their own faith understanding
• Generate awareness and empathy for others to inspire actions in the greater community

Our purpose is to be committed to providing opportunities which develop a sense of purpose and responsibility. At St Margaret Mary School we:

• Create opportunities for shared leadership roles within the school community

• Encourage students and teachers to take responsibility and shared ownership of their learning
• Set high expectations for students and establish achievable outcomes
• Provide opportunities, support and guidance for independent goal setting and reflection
• Encourage school community to take part in wider Catholic community
• Work collaboratively with family, parish and community

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for students to confidently engage with others. At St Margaret Mary School we:

• Provide a safe and supportive climate for all members of the school community

• Implement processes and programs to enable students to confidently engage with others
• Provide diverse learning experiences to meet the needs of students e.g. small group, independent etc
• Provide opportunities for students to interact with others in the wider community

Our purpose is to provide students with opportunities to develop skills that will help them adapt to an ever-changing world. At St Margaret Mary School we:

• Set challenging and rich learning opportunities for students to develop thinking and problem solving skills

• Provide practical and innovative opportunities for students to use contemporary technologies
• Support students to be confident, optimistic and enthusiastic learners
• Encourage learning and interaction within the greater community