St. Margaret Mary Catholic School
Inspiring Minds, Building Character and Living Faith

An Advantage for Life

Student Learning Expectations

A student inspired by Christ who…

• Develops an understanding and reverence for the Christian faith and church teachings

• Lives the Gospel message, participates in prayer and liturgical opportunities, and exhibitsmoral values and integrity

• Establishes a person relationship with Jesus and follows His example

• Practices forgiveness

• Shows respect for self, others, God, church, authority figures, nature and property

An effective communicator who…

• Listens critically and compassionately to the ideas of others

• Accepts constructive criticism

• Utilizes both written and oral expression, provides examples of organization, propergrammar mechanics and form

• Uses current technology to acquire and disseminate information

• Speaks comfortably and with poise to a variety of audiences

A life-long learner who…

• Can work both cooperatively and independently to achieve a positive outcome

• Exhibits a continuing curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

•    Uses problem solving and critical thinking skills to learn from practice and experience

•    Demonstrates age-appropriate mastery of basic curriculum, skills and concepts

•    Uses technology for learning and enjoyment

•    Is aware of current events and global issues

A socially aware student who…

•    Respects the life and dignity of the human person and understands, appreciates and is tolerant of the diversity of others

•    Takes responsibility for his/her actions

•    Actively participates in the life of the community through stewardship activities

•    Practices environmental awareness as care-taker’s of God’s earth

•    Develops a moral responsibility towards social justice, human rights and is capable of resolving conflicts peacefully

A healthy, well-rounded individual who…

•    Recognizes and utilizes his/her unique skills and talents in meaningful ways and appreciates and values the skills and talents of others

•    Pursues physical fitness and incorporates good health habits into an everyday routine

•    Maintains a balance between school and social learning