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Computer Lab

The Computer Lab at St. Margaret Mary School has forty laptop computers for student use during Computer class time.  Teachers are also able to check out laptops for students to use in the classroom for research during times when computer class is not being held.  The Computer Lab serves students in grades k-8.  The technology curriculum is designed to address the needs of students by grade, age, and proficiency level.  It is integrated into the school curriculum whenever possible so that the focus is based on overall student achievement and enrichment.  Students receive hands-on instruction during their weekly computer class. 

The curriculum is divided into seven areas: keyboarding,word processing, graphics, multimedia presentations, database and spreadsheets, internet use, and general computer information.  The keyboarding program teaches basic keyboarding skills using drills, reviews, and games.  Students are expected to show reasonable progress each quarter.  Microsoft Word is used to familiarize students with writing text, editing text, commands, cutting and pasting, and using the mouse to access the menu, toolbars, and task bar information.  All work is edited and saved.  Graphics are also used in multimedia presentations.  Spreadsheet instruction provides and introduction to surveying and collecting data, entering and printing it in a chart form.  Microsoft Excel is used for these projects.  General computer information instruction involves instruction in computer history, specific vocabulary, and hardware.  It also addresses the need to properly cite sources of information in projects and reports.  Students also learn how to use multimedia presentations by creating presentations of a subject taught in the regular classroom.  PowerPoint is used for this project.  Internet instruction and use offers opportunities to learn how the Internet works, URL addresses, scavenger hunts, improved research and note-taking skills, and Internet safety.