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Dress Code

Saint Margaret Mary School students wear a uniform in order to promote a feeling of equality for all children while discouraging competition in dress. The uniform provides a means of identity for the students with Saint Margaret Mary School. In addition, the uniforms are cost effective. A child can be outfitted for an entire year at less cost than a varied school wardrobe. The uniform should always be neat and in good repair. Parents and students both share in the responsibility for seeing that the Saint Margaret Mary dress code is appropriately observed and maintained. Students are expected to be in uniform every day. All uniforms must be purchased at Norman Uniforms.

Uniform Exchange Program – the cost of uniforms and the availability of usable uniforms that a child has outgrown moved Saint Margaret Mary School to begin a uniform exchange program. The concept is simple: the school will accept uniform items in clean, non-ripped, no holes and usable condition. These items will be offered to parents needing uniform items. There is no charge for this service. Please contact Mrs. Hammerle at school for additional information.

Sweater,  K-8 Boys and Girls:

  • Navy blue cardigan sweater with Saint Margaret Mary logo.
  • Navy blue v-neck sweater with logo.
  • Navy blue sweater vest with logo.

Sweatshirt, K-8 Boys and Girls:

  • Navy blue sweatshirt with logo only. No other sweatshirts will be allowed.
  • Each child is to have an accurately sized sweater or sweatshirt.

Pants, K-8 Boys and Girls: Navy blue twill.

  • Pants are to be appropriately fitted at the waist and worn at ankle length.
  • All students are encouraged to wear pants on colder days.

Shorts, K-8 Boys and Girls: Navy blue twill.

  • The length of all boys and girls shorts must meet at ½ inch above the knee.
  • All shorts are to be worn with belts visible. “Low rider” type shorts are not acceptable.
  • Uniform shorts maybe worn at anytime at the discretion of the parents. The principal will have final decision on shorts on any day deemed appropriate.

    Skirts, Skorts & Jumper, K-8 Girls:

    • Navy blue skorts (culottes).  
    • Plaid Jumper.
      • Skirts, skorts (culottes) and jumpers are to be worn at the appropriate length.
      • Plaid box pleat skirt.
      • They are to be hemmed no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

      Belts, K-8 Boys and Girls:

      • All boys and girls must wear a belt with their pants, skorts, or shorts. Belts must be leather with a buckle. Colors are exclusive to black, brown and navy.

        Shirts, K-8 Boys and Girls:

        • plain white short sleeve polo shirt or blouse (girls) with logo.
        • plain yellow short sleeve polo shirt with logo.
        • plain blue short sleeve polo shirt with logo.
        • plain hunter green short sleeve polo shirt with logo.
          • White only long sleeve turtlenecks for colder days are permitted.
          • Oversized shirts or blouses are not acceptable. Only plain, white undergarments or t-shirts may be worn under any uniform shirt.
          • All shirts must have the St. Margaret Mary logo.
          • Shirts must be tucked in at arrival and dismissal and any other time when students enter the school building.


        • K-8 Girls:
          • White socks only must be worn with all shoes.
          • Crew and tube socks are the only styles available. Ankles must be covered.
          • Tights may be worn however, they must be a solid color. Acceptable colors: White and Saint Margaret Mary  blue.
          • NO ANKLE SOCKS.
        • K-8 Boys:
          • White socks only must be worn with all shoes.
          • Crew and tube socks are the only styles available. Ankles must be covered.
          • NO ANKLE SOCKS.


        • K-8 Girls:
          • Shoes are to be a sturdy athletic shoe.
          • Shoes must primarily be of one of the following colors: white, navy blue or black.
          • Matching shoe laces of the three mentioned colors may be worn.
          • Slip-ons,loafers and Mary Janes may be worn on non-P.E. days.
        • K-8 Boys:
          • Shoes are to be a sturdy athletic shoe.
          • Shoes must primarily be of one of the following colors: white, navy blue or black.
          • Matching shoe laces of the three mentioned colors may be worn.
          • Slip-ons and loafers may be worn on non-P.E. days.

        MASS DAYS – the guidelines below are considered proper attire for Eucharistic Celebrations (Mass days):  
        • Collared shirt with logo.
        • V–neck or cardigan sweater or crew neck sweat shirt with logo.
        • Appropriate socks or tights.
        • Appropriate belt.
        • Scout uniforms may be worn on the day of the scout meeting in lieu of the school uniform.

        SPIRIT DAY:

        • Spirit Day is every Thursday. On this day, students are allowed to wear a tee shirt as long as the tee shirts says “Saint Margaret Mary School.”

        P.E Uniforms:
          Available from NORMAN’S Uniform throughout the school year.

        • P.E uniforms must be worn on all P.E days except when permission to do other wise is given.
        • All P.E. uniforms must be purchased at NORMAN’S uniform store and bear a Saint Margaret Mary logo.
        • P.E shorts must be fall ½ inch above the middle knee line.
        • Sweat shorts with logo.
        • P.E shirts (cotton t-shirt with logo) must fit properly and be tucked in when the student is in the school building.


        General Grooming: Parental approval, common sense and discretion are the primary guidelines. Students are expected to come to school neat and clean. Hair must of natural color. Students may not highlight, dye or change their natural hair color in any way. Hair should be neat and clean. Boys’ hair length will be above the collar and ears, off of the face and out of the eyes. Exaggerated hairstyles are not permitted. Spiked hair, no longer that ½ inch, is permitted. Decisions with respect to this half inch length of hair will be made by the principal, if necessary. Students not complying with the hair code will not be allowed in class. They will not be able to return to school until their hairstyle conforms with the student dress code.

        Make-up and Jewelry: No make-up of any kind is allowed. Students are not allowed to wear any nail polish whether it be colored or clear. Jewelry may consist only of the following:

        • A pair of matching studs in the ear lobe for girls is only allowed. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.
        • Due to liability concerns, chain necklaces and bracelets with a cross are not allowed.
        • A watch.  


        Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies and Other Service Organizations: Students are allowed to come to school in their service organization’s full uniform if there is an official meeting or scheduled field trip for that particular day.


        Free Dress- Free dress days will occur occasionally during the year. Clothing on FREE DRESS days may be the P.E. uniform or other free dress as specified by the principal. Students and their parents will be informed by written notice regarding free dress days. All policies regarding socks, shoes, jewelry, and grooming apply on non-uniform days.

        • The principal or her designee is the final arbiter regarding compliance with FREE DRESS day attire. Students not dressed according to stated rules will not be allowed to enter class. The parents will be called to bring acceptable clothing to school.

        Discipline- All required elements of the uniform are to be purchased from Norman’s Uniform Store. Should an extraordinary circumstance (not dirty laundry) prevent a child from being in complete uniform, a note with full explanation from the parent is required. If the student is out of uniform without an acceptable written excuse, a used uniform will be provided.
        • 3 out of uniform warnings = 1 detention.


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